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+Where in the World?
+This project is a quick experiment to see whether a maps-style interface can improve accessiblity of
+some of the Guardian's travel writing. Some of the content is already geo-tagged, so this app just
+takes those geotags and links to the articles from a google map. It scans for new content in the API
+and will include that automatically, though Google heavily cache the map overlays so I'm not sure what
+the latency is yet.
+The Tech
+There are around [33,000 items of guardian content tagged travel](,
+though many of these are not geotagged.
+The API only lets you query for 50 at once, and cannot (currently) filter on only geotagged items.
+So, a background process scans for modified content, and maintains a database in MongoDB. The runtime app
+uses this database to build a [KML file](
+that [Google Maps can use as an overlay](
+The app itself is implemented in Scala, using [akka]( for background scheduling,
+and [salat]( to talk to mongo, [the lift web framework]( and the Guardian's
+[Content API scala client](
+Right now, it's hosted - for free - by [CloudBees]( and [MongoHQ](
+You can see it running at [here](
+Important Disclaimer
+Although I work for the Guardian, and helped implement the Open Platform Content API, this
+is entirely a personal project and has no connection at all with the Guardian.
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</a> is powered by <a href="">The Guardian's</a>
<a href="">Open Platform Content API</a>.
+ Written by Graham Tackley, source code and more information on <a href="">github</a>.

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