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If you don't know about the ps3 media server, please have a look at the homepage. The short description would be 'It's the best media DLNA server around ;)'. It's open source, highly customizable and works for most files out of the box. MLX stands for media library extension. The goal of this extension is to let pms do the serving and transcoding jobs as well as it always did and to additionally offer a way to configure what files show up in which folder.

This screen shot shows where folders can be configured


There are a few things that will help you understand how to use the modification optimally.

  • The maximum folder depth on the ps3 is 8. It can be pretty quickly reached.
  • Two types of folders can be defined
    • Library folders: which use the library to show files according to set conditions (e.g. all films being of genre 'Action')
    • Plugin folders: These can be developed by anyone and will show up when put into the plugins directory. The ones included work exactly the same way as the ones in the original pms.
  • Only a few things can be changed while files show up on the ps3. An item is either a file or a folder. If it's a folder, only the name can be set. For files, the name, thumbnail and what it will play are configurable.
    A folder can contain more folders (that will always show up on the top of the list) and possibly files. When showing files, conditions can be set, like 'file name starts with a'. This will limit the number of files to be displayed in a folder and allow to categories them.
  • A big difference to the original pms is that in pms-mlx a file might show up multiple times in different folders according to your configuration. Every file that shows up on the ps3 needs some memory on the server machine to show the image and store other parameters that will be needed for playback.
    Folders containing many (hundreds of) files require quite a big amount of memory. By default, pms-mlx can use a maximum of 1024MB of memory for everything it has to do. If you browse through a few folders containing many files, memory usage will quickly reach the set 1024MB and when you play a video, you'll get a message 'video format not supported', because pms-mlx simply can't allocate enough memory for the video to be played. If this happens you'll have to restart pms-mlx. It's up to you to configure the folder contents for this not to happen. If you've got enough RAM available on the server machine you can also increase the max allowed memory usage by setting a higher Xmx value.
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