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Manage files and configure global settings

General Settings

Enable media library

If checked, all media library features are available. Otherwise all other settings on this page will be hidden and only folders and plugin folders can be added.

Pictures save folder path

All pictures downloaded from TMDb, generated from file as well as temporary thumbnails are being stored in this folder.

Ignore prefixes

You can choose to ignore prefixes like 'the' when sorting or filtering. This option only applies if using the video name or original video name. Each word separated by a space will be used as a prefix. A space will be added to the end of the word if it ends with a-z or 0-9 (is alphanumeric).

These two screen shots show how some files get filtered (in the A-Z folders) and sorted (in the folder All).
The folder All sorts by name and hasn't got any conditions set. The A-Z folders filter with the condition 'name starts with X' and use the same sorting.

In order to always return the exact same list when the files in the library haven't changed, following sort order applies for the query

  • the configured one
  • video name (if the configured one isn't)
  • file name
  • date when the file has been inserted into the library.

Be aware that when sorting, the prefixes will only be considered for the configured type and not for the video name or file name.

TMDb account

Configuring a account currently only lets you use the rating folder to rate a movie directly from the ps3. There could be other uses for it in the future.

Manage Library

You can see how many files of each type are stored in the library and also maintain its contents.

Clear files
This will delete all files for a selected type in the library

Reset library
When resetting the library, all files and configurations will be deleted and restored to the initial values.

Clean library
This will check for all the files you've got in the library and remove the ones it can't find where they were first scanned. Be careful that all external hard disks where you've got scanned files are connected and powered up ;)

File Scanner

Files can be imported into the library from here. The scanner also shows in which state it is (initialized, running or idle). When you scan a folder this dialog will show up.

For now only videos will work. The rest will be added at some point. When scanning videos, all the available information like size, creation date, image height, audio languages etc is being read from the video file itself the same way it is being done by the original pms. Once read it's being stored in the library.

If you want to clean the file names before they are being sent to the plugins, there is a file filename_replace_expressions.txt in the profile directory (if it isn't you can create it), where you can configure this. It can contain a list of match-replace key pairs. Each pair consists of two lines, where the match part comes first. Regular expressions are used for match replace, that's why you have to be careful about characters that have a special meaning in regular expressions. Example for filename_replace_expressions.txt: