Remote Interation to Clojure REPL using smack and google talk
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This is a program to interact with clojure REPL remotely using the google talk service. This requires two email address available, one for the 'program' and other for the 'remote user'.

This is build on the clojure 1.2.1 ,which is LISP dialect of the java running on jvm. 
Leiningen is used to build the project. 
Smack libraries are used to utilize the google talk service to interact with REPL.

It requires java in the system in order to run because it runs on the jvm.

The source is located in the 'src' folder named core.clj

There are  two types of jars available in the 'bin' folder in which the 'standalone' version includes all the libraries and files which is needed for the program to work. But the other version only contains the program no external libraries are included

IMPORTANT: It must be ensured that the emails chosen to communicate are in the chat list of each other.This program do not send invitation rather its should be done manually!!!

The independent version can be run as :
 java -jar <path>/testgtalk-0.9-standalone.jar <programemail> <password> <useremail>
programemail - refers to the gmail address that sould be assigned to the program
password - is the password for prgramemail
useremail - is the gmail address of the person who can access the REPL remotely 


java -jar ~/testgtalk-0.9-standalone.jar PASSWD

Now the user can see the in his chat box. Now entering clojure commands just like chat message will be executed and result will be shown. Please find the SCREENSHOT attached

NOTE: please use <shift+enter> in the chat window to make new line in the chat window command otherwise the chat will be send resulting in incomplete command 

clojure 1.2.1


Smack 3.2.1