@jemus42 jemus42 released this Aug 19, 2016 · 56 commits to master since this release

Minor changes

  • New function: tadaa_normtest lets you do tests for normality (4 methods) over multiple variables.
  • New function: tadaa_heatmap generates a heatmap. Mhhh, heatmaps.
  • New function: tadaa_sem shows the standard error of the mean and it's confidence interval
  • New function: pval_string as a modification of pixiedust::pvalString that includes p < .05.
  • Added a ggplot2 theme for the rmdformats::readthedown Rmd template.
  • tadaa_aov, tadaa_t.test and the new tadaa_normtest now return a data.frame by default, allowing further shenanigans

Patch changes

  • New options in tadaa_int:
    • Set grid = TRUE for the two interaction plots to be printed in a grid via
    • Choose the plot labels via the labels argument.
  • tadaa_int plot output now also is a little tidier and optimized for smaller widths.
  • tadaa_aov now also shows Cohen's f for easier power calculations based on f (pwr, G*power)
  • Add option reduce to modus, so multiple results will be concatenated to a character by default.
  • Add additional option as_character to modus because guessing about return value classes is no joke.
  • Fix issues with generate_recodes and interval_labels (#1).