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Revision history for AnyEvent-HTTP-LWP-UserAgent
0.10 Mon Dec 10, 2012
Add guard for length(undef) to avoid warnings in older perl.
t/invalid_host.t checks if not-died instead of not-success.
0.09 Sat Dec 08, 2012
Add minimum support for request content by code reference,
response content by filename or code reference
0.08 Fri Oct 05, 2012
Fair support of pure AnyEvent without Coro.
Thanks to Yasutaka Atarashi.
0.07 Mon Mar 14, 2011
Use new version of AnyEvent::HTTP with persistent
connections. Initial support of LWP's conn_cache
for it.
0.06 Wed Mar 09, 2011
Don't overload Coro stack when we have
a really big url.
0.05 Thu Mar 03, 2011
Increase version.
0.04 Thu Mar 03, 2011
More compatible with LWP::UserAgent using handlers.
Thanks motetem (Masatoshi Fujimura) for patch.
0.03 Thu Dec 09, 2010
Support cookies.
Fix headers that exists many times in response.
0.02 Tue Dec 07, 2010
Fix SYNOPSIS in POD, thanks to Ryan Perry.
0.01 Fri Nov 26, 2010
First prototype