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TypeScript -> JavaScript -> Deploy AWS Lambda Function
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Compile AWS Lambda function with TypeScript to one with JavaScript and finally deploy it.

System Requirement


$ git clone
$ cd ts-lambda-pipeline/
$ npm install

Set up

Rewrite [FUNCTION_NAME] at package.json , line 13

  • If you don't have Lambda Function yet, configure and rewrite the 13th line of package.json
"build:lambda": "aws lambda create-function \
--region us-east-1 \
--function-name   CreateTableAddRecordsAndRead  \
--zip-file fileb://file-path/ \
--role execution-role-arn \
--handler app.handler \
--runtime nodejs6.10 \
--vpc-config SubnetIds=comma-separated-subnet-ids,SecurityGroupIds=default-vpc-security-group-id \
--profile adminuser"


How to use

  1. Edit /src/index.ts
  2. $ npm run build

About sample program

This TypeScript program is slack bot using AWS Lambda to receive events and respond to specific messages.

It looks for the words aws and lambda. If found, it will respond by mentioning the sender and giving Lambda praises.

How to configure

  1. Make Slack API App of your Slack team
  2. Create an AWS Lambda Function and API Endpoint referring to this
  3. Uncheck the checkbox for API Gateway: Resources > /slack > POST > Integration Request > Use Lambda Proxy integration
  4. Handle events from the Events API using AWS Lambda referring to this

Try example

Let's type "aws" or "lambda" at your slack team !!

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