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## Canver
-Canver is a paint application for touch screen devices.
+Canver is a paint application. It was developed for iPads, but should work (more or less) on any touchscreen device.
+You can [try it live here.](
-### Supported Browsers
+It is just a simple client-side application based on HTML5 canvas, written purely in HTML, CoffeeScript and CSS.
-Works on mobile WebKit browsers (tested on iOS and Android).
+## Home Screen
+For iOS devices, it is recommended to add Canver to Home Screen: then it feels more like a native app and works on full-screen.
### Development
-run `./watch` to watch CoffeeScript files and their specs and compile them on the fly.
+ > git clone
+ > cd canver
+ > ./watch # a helper script to compile all the coffee on the fly
### Tests

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