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Meet Dumbot

Dumbot is a Campfire bot for fun, entertainment, and quick task management. Implemented using Scamp framework (

How to

Rename config.yml.sample to config.yml. Edit sample values to your credentials. Then run bundle install to install all required dependencies. To launch, run ruby meme_bot.rb.


Some of the things you can do with the bot.


  • geminfo gemname (more) - even more useful info from rubygems. more is optional
  • artme keyword - get a random picture from google search (taken from Scamp examples)
  • meme <meme-name> <top text>/<bottom text> - generate a meme with top and bottom captions
  • Y U NO do_something - generates and pastes Y U NO meme poster
  • north korea or CCCP - adds a 'censorship stick' to scroll up whatever you had on the screen
  • random: - picks one of the words listed after the colon


  • add task work_to_do - Adds a task to the current list pending tasks
  • tasks - List current pending tasks
  • id is mine - Claim a task for yourself
  • my tasks - List current pending tasks assigned to me
  • id is done - Mark task as completed
  • id is too hard - Unclaim task. Bot will LOL
  • username do id - assigns the task to the user
  • import tasks 'list of numbered tasks' - imports the tasks you have pasted
  • task help - Print something similar to the above


The bot also matches phrases like LOL, OMG, ZOMG, facepalm, fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu, tea break?, not bad, SUCCESS, FAILURE, friday, like a boss, whew, ship it!, humble etc..