Helper functions and tests for SQL Server
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Helper functions and tests for SQL Server.

Requires the SqlServer, Pester, and OMSIngestionAPI modules.

The examples folder contains a few different ways of invoking the scripts - against a single instance (SingleCheck) or against a folder full of instances (FolderCheck).

For more information refer to the documentation.

Example Usage

First of all import the module.

Import-Module .\src\SQLChecks -Force

And then pass a configuration file to Invoke-SqlChecks.

Invoke-SqlChecks -ConfigPath .\examples\localhost.config.json

You can also test a single item based on its tag.

Invoke-SqlChecks -ConfigPath .\examples\localhost.config.json -Tag CheckForOversizedIndexes

Or loop through a set of configuration files (Invoke-SqlChecks accepts paths on the pipeline, as well as objects from Get-ChildItem).

Get-ChildItem -Filter *.config.json -Path .\examples | Invoke-SqlChecks

It is also possible to pass configurations to Invoke-SqlChecks.

$config = Read-SqlChecksConfig .\examples\localhost.config.json
Invoke-SqlChecks -Config $config

You can find some example configuration files in the examples folder.

Database Specific Checks

Some checks target a database (e.g. checking for oversized indexes). By default these checks will skip:

  • Databases that are not ONLINE
  • Databases that are secondaries in an availability group

Some checks also exclude system databases by default - for more detail consult the test definitions in the src/SQLChecks/Tests folder.

Availability Group Support

A config file can specify that databases for a specific availability group should be checked. This is set with the DatabasesToCheck configuration value and the AvailabilityGroup value.

To only run database-specific checks on databases that belong to the AG1 availability group, your config might look like this:

    "ServerInstance": "localhost",
    "DatabasesToCheck": "AGOnly",
    "AvailabilityGroup": "AG1"

You can also specify a value of LocalOnly for DatabasesToCheck, which will cause database-specific checks to skip any database that belongs to an availability group.

If you do not specify a value, then every database (except for default exclusions) is checked.

PowerShell Core Support

The SqlServer module does not currently expose Invoke-SqlCmd in PSCore. Support for Invoke-SqlCmd is on the roadmap, and so Core support for SQLChecks will wait on that.

All other dependencies (Pester, OMSIngestionApi) work on Core as of 6.1.