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A library for writing asynchronous JSON-RPC servers and clients in Python, using Twisted. It aims to be as simple and easy to understand (and hack) as possible.

Read more about JSON-RPC at


  • Support for HTTP and HTTPS as protocol (via twisted.web) and for more lightweight netstring (see )

  • Support for HTTP authentization - only basic, not digest; use SSL for encrypted credentials.

  • Support for HTTP persistent connections and Factory to create proxies to different URLs

  • Support for HTTP compression

  • Full standards compliance.

  • Support both JSON-RPC standards at once - great if you don't control your clients.

  • 'Just work' with various clients (i.e. PHP, C++, JavaScript...).

  • Detailed examples :-) .


  • More tests, better (functionality) coverage. This applies to every project, always :-) .

  • Refactoring, mostly tests.

    • test_server and test_jsonrpc
    • test_client and test_netstringclient


  • JSON is well readable for a human. It's easy to use Wireshark ( or similar for debugging.

  • JSON-RPC version 1 doesn't talk about batch requests. In order to support both standards at once, fastjsonrpc supports it just like in version 2. It ties JSON-RPC version to the method call, not the request as a whole.

  • I didn't test the JSON Class hinting, as mentioned in the version 1 spec. I leave this to the JSON parsing capabilities of respective libraries.

  • SSL client test raises an error after shutDown. Looks like a bug in Trial and we can ignore it.