CLI tool for commenting lines in files
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manage comments from your command line


supports Python 3.5+

fcomments is on pypi

$ pip install fcomments


Default behavior is to switch the line. It means that if a matched line is commented, the comment will be removed, and if the line is not commented the comment will be added.

Specifying -c flag ensures that matched lines will be commented out after the command. The flag -u works analogically with respect to uncommenting lines.


from fcomments import Commenter

LINES = [4,5,6]

c = Commenter(path='path/to/file')

c.comment_file(comment=True, lines=LINES)  # ensure that lines 4-6 are commented out

action()  # do sth: run tests, make migrations ..

c.comment_file(uncomment=True, lines=LINES)  # ensure that lines 4-6 are not commented


# comment all lines in a file:
$ fcomments --comment --all path/to/file
$ fcomments -ca path/to/file
# comment lines 3 to 12:
$ fcomments --comment --lines=3-12 path/to/file
$ fcomments -cl3-12 path/to/file


Usage: [options] <path>

Examples: -h                  --->  see help -cl1,2 path/to/file  --->  comment out lines 1 and 2 -ul3-6 path/to/file  --->  uncomment lines 3 to 6 (inclusive) -ac path/to/file     --->  comment out all lines -au path/to/file     --->  uncomment all lines --start-pattern='\s+operations\s?=\s?\[' --end-pattern='\s+\]' path/to/file
         --->  comment out everything inside the `operations` list:

         1| class Migration(...):
         3|     operations = [
         4| #       migrations(
         5| #           ...
         6| #       ),
         7|     ]

  Comment or uncomment lines in a file. Default behavior: do the oposite i.e.
if a line is commented - uncomment it, and vice versa. To make sure that the
matched lines will be [un]commented out - run with -[u]c option. If you don't
specify an --output, the original file (<path>) will be overwritten.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c, --comment         comment lines [default: False]
  -u, --uncomment       uncomment lines [default: False]
  -a, --all             apply to all lines in file; suppresses -l option
                        [default: False]
  -l LINES, --lines=LINES
                        comma separeted string of line numbers [default: None]
  -s IN_PATTERN, --start-pattern=IN_PATTERN
                        pattern to match against the line before commented
                        section [default: None]
  -e OUT_PATTERN, --end-pattern=OUT_PATTERN
                        pattern to match against the first line after
                        commented section [default: None]
  -o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT
                        specify a path to output file [default: None]
                        specify a string to use as comment [default: '#']