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Data Science Africa 2018, hands on exercise.


Stations located in Kenya.

The TAHMO stations


The data is a time series of weather sensor readings, consisting of different physical variables on a regular grid on the Earth, indexed by lon(gitude) and lat(itude) coordinates. The variables we have made available are:

  • prec --- Percipitation.
  • tair --- air temperature.
  • relh --- relative humidity.
  • wspd --- wind speed.
  • wgst --- wind gust.
  • pres --- surface pressure.
  • srad --- Solar radiation.

The fields are recorded every 5 minutes for two years from 2016-2017. The dataset is observation averaged on hour scale. For this exercise a percipitation data from multiple stations is selected as primary target. gpm-tahmo-rain.csv

  • station --- percipitation.
  • year--- year of observation.
  • datetime --- timestamp of observation.
  • tahmo --- percipitation from TAHMO station.
  • gpm --- percipitation from GPM satellite close to the the TAHMO station.

Station description

  • from: Station id
  • to: Station id
  • distance (km): distance between stations.
  • elevation (m) : Elevation difference between from & to station.

The prediction task

- Predict whether it rains or not.