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=head1 TITLE
close.pir - A close compiler.
=head2 Description
This is the base file for the close compiler.
This file includes the parsing and grammar rules from
the src/ directory, loads the relevant PGE libraries,
and registers the compiler under the name 'close'.
=head2 Functions
=over 4
=item onload()
Creates the close compiler using a C<PCT::HLLCompiler>
.namespace [ 'close' ; 'Compiler' ]
#.loadlib 'close_group'
.sub 'onload' :anon :load :init
load_bytecode 'PCT.pbc'
$P0 = get_hll_global ['PCT'], 'HLLCompiler'
$P1 = $P0.'new'()
$P1.'commandline_banner'("Close for Parrot VM\n")
$P1.'commandline_prompt'('> ')
=item main(args :slurpy) :main
Start compilation by passing any command line C<args>
to the close compiler.
.sub 'main' :main
.param pmc args
$P0 = compreg 'close'
$P1 = $P0.'command_line'(args)
exit 0
.include 'library/kakapo.pir'
.include 'src/gen_builtins.pir'
.include 'src/gen_grammar.pir'
.include 'src/gen_actions.pir'
.include 'src/Slam/parser/grammar_actions.pir'
.include 'src/Slam/parser/declaration_actions.pir'
.include 'src/Slam/parser/expression_actions.pir'
.include 'src/Slam/parser/name_actions.pir'
.include 'src/Slam/parser/action_utils.pir'
.include 'src/Slam/parser/statement_actions.pir'
.include 'src/Slam/parser/token_actions.pir'
#.include 'src/gen_util_lib.pir'
.include 'src/gen_slam_lib.pir'