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ThroughTheWindow was using just one key (spacebar). RetroRacer uses two, so by definition it's 100% better!

Drive your fast red car and try not to crash into slow green cars! Oh, joy!

It's also a showcase of a new Steroids iteration, this one featuring proper collision detection and PNG support (thanks, timotimo!)

You'll need SDL2 and SDL2_image installed, as well as Rakudo Perl 6 (MoarVM recommended for best experience). Run 'perl6', 'make' and './RetroRacer' to run it.

Car image created by qubodup from Kudos! One day I'll learn to draw too :D

Soundtrack for RetroRacer is "Speed Metal Man" by "Abducted by Sharks". Play it in a loop on, buy the song/album at