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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import feedparser
from time import mktime,strftime,localtime
from os import getenv
def getstamp(x):
return int(mktime(x.updated_parsed))
# loading feeds data
def loaddata():
h = {} # new empty hash (or how pythoners say, 'dictionary')
f = open(getenv("HOME")+"/.config/feed2mbox", "r")
for line in f:
t = line.partition(' ')
if(t[2] != ''):
h[t[0]] = int(t[2])
return h
# saving data back to file
def writedata(hash):
f = open(getenv("HOME")+"/.config/feed2mbox", "w")
for key in hash:
f.write(key+" "+str(hash[key])+"\n")
# main
data = loaddata()
for key in data: # iterating through feed list
feed = feedparser.parse(key)
oldest = 0;
for entry in feed.entries:
if(getstamp(entry) > oldest):
oldest = getstamp(entry)
if(getstamp(entry) > data[key]):
# printing in mbox format (kinda)
print "From feed2mbox "+strftime("%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y",
print "From: "+feed.feed.title.encode('utf-8')
print "Date: "+entry.updated
if hasattr(entry, 'summary_detail'):
if hasattr(entry.summary_detail, 'type'):
print "Content-Type: "+entry.summary_detail.type
print "Subject: "+entry.title.encode('utf-8')
if hasattr(entry, 'summary'):
print entry.summary.encode('utf-8')
print "\nLink: ""\n"
# updating timestamp
data[key] = oldest