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Synchronise single ports from Gentoo overlays
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Portage is not super-rich of useful software, and the funny stuff
usually has to be fetched from overlays. Unfortunately, overlays are
big, tend to duplicate portage entries or worse: they live on svn.
So here's a tool to fetch only the packages you want, nothing else.

Fill in your gmpup.lst like in the provided example and run
You will need Perl's LWP::Simple module (dev-perl/libwww-perl) to run
it. It will fetch the list to the ports/ directory. If you are brave,
you can use the command-line option --destdir to sync your packages
to /usr/local/portage:

./gmpup --destdir=/usr/local/portage

It _shouldn't_ break anything, and it works fine for me, but I'm not
changing that default dir until the script gets tested in the field.

Patches, ideas, and constructive criticism welcome.


* Update only the needed files, instead of removing the whole dir and
  fetching it again

* Write a gentoo ebuild for gmpup (help anyone?)
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