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all: compile
install: install-core
install-core: compile
install -d $(INSTALLDIR)/share/gtkabber/icons
install -d $(INSTALLDIR)/bin
install -m644 src/icons/* $(INSTALLDIR)/share/gtkabber/icons
install -D -m755 src/main $(INSTALLDIR)/share/gtkabber/gtkabber
echo '#!/bin/sh' > $(INSTALLDIR)/bin/gtkabber
echo "cd $(INSTALLDIR)/share/gtkabber" >> $(INSTALLDIR)/bin/gtkabber
echo './gtkabber' >> $(INSTALLDIR)/bin/gtkabber
chmod 755 $(INSTALLDIR)/bin/gtkabber
compile: src
@+cd src; make all
clean: src
@+cd src; make clean
@cd src; make run
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