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1 parent 2a6c6f2 commit d8a4a0c5e101d9f02c3c9cf69265f07d24aea0ce @tadzik committed Sep 12, 2010
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@@ -19,10 +19,8 @@ Form form git://
GGE gge git://
Grampa grampa git://
HTML::Template html-template git://
-HTTP::Client http-client git://
HTTP::Server::Simple http-server-simple git://
IO::Prompt io-prompt git://
-IRC::Client irc-client git://
JSON json git://
# Link::C link-c git:// no lib/
List::Utils List-Utils git://
@@ -34,20 +32,17 @@ Math::Model Math-Model git://
Math::Polynomial Math-Polynomial git://
Math::RungeKutta Math-RungeKutta git://
Math::Vector Math-Vector git://
-Maya maya git://
Module::Tools perl6-Module-Tools git://
MessagePack messagepack-pm6 git://
MIME::Base64 Perl6-MIME-Base64 git://
MiniDBI MiniDBI git://
-Mubot mubot git://
-Mwbot mwbot git://
+Nonogram Nonogram git://
November november git://
neutro neutro git://
# PPM ppm git:// no lib/
# Proto proto git:// no binary is installed, proto is useless then :(
# Pun pun git:// no lib/
Puppet::Parser perl6-puppet-parser git://
-RSSbot rssbot git://
SCGI SCGI git://
SQL::Grammar SQL-Grammar git://
SQLite perl6-sqlite git://

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