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#!/usr/bin/env perl6
use v6;
use lib 'ext/File__Tools/lib';
use Shell::Command;
# Find old state file
my $home = $*OS eq 'MSWin32' ?? %*ENV<HOMEDRIVE> ~ %*ENV<HOMEPATH> !! %*ENV<HOME>;
my $state-file = "$home/.panda/state";
if not $state-file.IO.e {
say "No need to rebootstrap, running normal bootstrap";
shell 'perl6';
exit 0;
# Save a copy of the old state file to be written *after* bootstrapping again
my $old-state = slurp $state-file;
# Find modules that were installed by request
# (as opposed to just for dependency resolution)
my @modules;
given open($state-file) {
for .lines() -> $line {
my ($name, $state) = split /\s/, $line;
next if $name eq any(<File::Tools JSON::Tiny Test::Mock panda>);
if $state eq 'installed' {
@modules.push: $name;
# Clean old directories, boostrap a fresh panda,
# and reinstall all manually-installed modules
rm_rf "$home/.perl6/lib";
rm_rf "$home/.panda";
shell 'perl6';
say "==> Reinstalling @modules[]";
shell "panda install @modules[]";
# Save the backup state file back to ~/.panda/
spurt "$state-file.bak", $old-state if $old-state;
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