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Panda is an implementation of a Perl 6 module manager specification.


Pies is a module management solution for Perl 6. Pies itself is a specification (like masak's Pls[1]), and cannot install anything itself. The project ships two implementations: ufobuilder, being an extremely simple example implementation of Pies, and Panda, being the actual module manager to use.


To install Panda along with all its dependencies, simply run the script in the root of the panda git repo. This works good in *NIX environment. However, some problems exist with installation in Windows environment at the moment.

git clone git://

cd panda

sh ./

Running Tests


Panda can be used like:

$ panda install Acme::Meow

Note that ~/.perl6/bin has to be in your $PATH for you to be able to use panda from the command line.

If you use bash, you can accomplish this with

echo 'export PATH=$PATH:~/.perl6/bin' >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc


More features and docs on the way.


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