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#!/usr/bin/env perl6
use Shell::Command;
use Panda;
use Panda::Ecosystem;
use Panda::App;
my $*MAIN-ALLOW-NAMED-ANYWHERE = True; # old way
(my %*SUB-MAIN-OPTS)<named-anywhere> = True; # new way (since v2017.06.112.g.40.b.0169.d.0)
# default opts for MAIN
@*ARGS = %*ENV<PANDA_DEFAULT_OPTS> ~ (@*ARGS ?? ' ' ~ @*ARGS !! '');
my %failed;
#| Install the specified modules
multi MAIN ('install', *@modules, Bool :$notests, Bool :$nodeps, Bool :$force = False,
Str :$prefix) {
my $panda =$prefix)));
for @modules -> $x {
$panda.resolve($x, :$notests, :$nodeps, :action<install>, :$force,
CATCH { when X::Panda { %failed{$x}.push($_) && say $_ } };
#| Install dependencies, but don't build the modules themselves
multi MAIN ('installdeps', *@modules, Bool :$notests, Bool :$force = False, Str :$prefix) {
my $panda =$prefix)));
for @modules -> $x {
$panda.resolve($x, :$notests, :action<install-deps-only>, :$force,
CATCH { when X::Panda { %failed{$x}.push($_) && say $_ } };
#| Uninstall the specified modules
multi MAIN ('uninstall', *@modules, Str :$prefix) {
my $panda =$prefix)));
for $@modules -> $x {
$panda.resolve($x, :action<uninstall>);
CATCH { when X::Panda { %failed{$x}.push($_) && say $_ } };
#| List all available modules
multi MAIN ('list', Bool :$installed, Bool :$verbose, Str :$prefix) {
my $panda =$prefix)));
listprojects($panda, :$installed, :$verbose);
#| Update the module database
multi MAIN ('update', Str :$prefix) {
my $panda =$prefix)));
#| Display information about specified modules
multi MAIN ('info', *@modules, Str :$prefix) {
my $panda =$prefix)));
projectinfo($panda, @modules);
#| Search the name/description
multi MAIN ('search', $pattern = '', Str :$prefix) {
my $panda =$prefix)));
search-projects($panda, $pattern);
#| Autogenerate
multi MAIN ('gen-meta', Bool :$notests, Str :$name, Str :$auth,
Str :$ver, Str :$desc, Str :$prefix) {
my $panda =$prefix)));
$panda.bundler.bundle($panda, :$notests, :$name, :$auth, :$ver, :$desc);
#| Test and install all known distributions
multi MAIN ('smoke', :$exclude = 'panda', Str :$prefix) {
my @exclude = $exclude.split(',');
my $panda =$prefix)));
my @projects = $panda.ecosystem.project-list;
for @projects -> $p {
next if $p ~~ any @exclude;
@exclude.push: $p;
try {
$panda.resolve($p, :action<install>);
default { }
#| Download and unpack the distribution and then open the directory with your shell.
multi MAIN ('look', *@modules, Str :$prefix) {
my $panda =$prefix)));
for @modules -> $x {
$panda.resolve($x, :notests, :nodeps, :action<look>);
CATCH { when X::Panda { %failed{$x}.push($_) && say $_ } };
#| prints USAGE and exits
multi sub MAIN('help') { USAGE }
multi sub MAIN(Bool :$help) { USAGE }
sub USAGE {
note q:to/END_USAGE/.chomp; # 'note' adds a newline, so get rid of heredoc's
Panda -- Perl 6 Module Installer
panda <action> [options]
panda list --installed # List only installed modules
panda install --force Foo::Bar # Reinstall module
Common options:
--prefix=/path/to/modules Place to put modules, executable scripts, etc.
--help Print the help/usage text.
install Installs the modules listed on the command line, and their
--force Install even if the same version of the module is already installed
--notests Don't run tests for the modules being installed.
--nodeps Skip installing modules' dependencies.
installdeps Installs the dependencies of the listed modules, but not the
modules themselves.
--notests Don't run tests for the dependencies being installed.
uninstall Uninstall the module listed on the command line, leaving
dependencies installed.
list Lists all the modules available.
--verbose Provide verbose output
--installed List only installed modules
update Updates the local copy of the module database.
info Lists information available on given modules.
search Searches the database for module names/descriptions matching
the given substring.
gen-meta Generates a with supplied options (see below).
--notests Specifies that the module whose is being
generated doesn't have tests(?)
--name=A::Name Specify the module's name
--auth=JRandom Specify the author's name
--ver=v0.1 Specify the module version
--desc="A desc" Specify the module description
smoke Tests and installs all packages. (Not for typical use.)
--exclude=A::Name Specifies a package to skip testing.
look Downloads and unpacks the listed modules, afterwards going to
them with your shell.
'list', 'update', and 'smoke' don't take a list of module names to install.
'search' takes a string to search case-insensitively for in the database.
rm_rf '.panda-work' if '.panda-work'.IO.e;
for %failed.kv -> $source,$messages {
FIRST say "\nFailure Summary\n----------------";
say "$source",("\n\t*$_" for $messages.list);
LAST exit 1;
exit 0;
# vim: ft=perl6