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japhb committed Aug 18, 2012
1 parent f6b9fde commit 2e350d1f6fb02dd7b98632d39e2b20b1aa266f41
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+* Change bootstrap/rebootstrap to install panda from a full directory path
+ rather than from '.', so that the statefile can track the source dir
+* Fix DESTDIR to know the difference between absolute and relative paths
+* Support DESTDIR as way to build deployable package
+ - don't modify statefile when DESTDIR is set unless DESTDIR is ~/.perl6/
+ - envvar to use a different statefile?
+* Finish verbose-list branch
+ - save 'git describe --always --dirty' result in saved-meta
+ - make 'panda list' output narrower by default
+ . with a --verbose option for more?
+ - show both installed and available version in 'panda list' or 'panda info'
+ - merge branch back
* Keep track of the installed files so they can be removed later
- it's tricky if they're installed to some DESTDIR
+* Retain --notests and --nodeps setting in statefile, so that rebootstrap
+ can survive rebuilding projects that require these settings
+* Get to full Windows compatibility
+* Merge with panda-niecza?
+* Update to represent current reality

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