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Remove TODO items for completed verbose-list branch

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commit 5ea91f810654a9c21d618c03e49551a4341bb8ef 1 parent 500690c
@japhb japhb authored
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@@ -2,12 +2,6 @@
* Support DESTDIR as way to build deployable package
- don't modify statefile when DESTDIR is set unless DESTDIR is ~/.perl6/
- envvar to use a different statefile?
-* Finish verbose-list branch
- - save 'git describe --always --dirty' result in saved-meta
- - make 'panda list' output narrower by default
- . with a --verbose option for more?
- - show both installed and available version in 'panda list' or 'panda info'
- - merge branch back
* Open GitHub issues:
- #4: Fix fetcher.t to silence (expected) Git error message
- #12: Error checking for Ecosystem::update
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