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Add installation instructions for Windows.

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@@ -10,16 +10,12 @@ install anything itself. The project ships two implementations:
ufobuilder, being an extremely simple example implementation of Pies,
and Panda, being the actual module manager to use.
-## Installation
+## Installation on Linux/UNIX/OSX
To install Panda along with all its dependencies, simply run the script in the root of the panda git repo. You must have a
*perl6* binary in your $PATH for to work correctly.
-This works good in *NIX environment.
-However, some problems exist with installation in Windows environment
-at the moment.
git clone git://
cd panda
@@ -29,6 +25,21 @@ at the moment.
Since the bootstrap step currently runs tests with prove, you will need a
recent TAP::Harness (3.x) for it to work properly.
+## Installation on Windows
+Panda currently depends on wget; you can obtain a Windows build of wget at:
+Once you have obtained and installed it, and have wget in your path, you
+may now do:
+ git clone git://
+ cd panda
+ bootstrap
## Running Tests
One way to run the test suite is with prove from TAP::Harness
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