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Ecosystem::update does no error checking #12

tadzik opened this Issue Feb 11, 2012 · 1 comment

1 participant

tadzik commented Feb 11, 2012

File doesn't get downloaded, but panda continues anyway. No good, no cookie.

@tadzik tadzik was assigned Feb 11, 2012
tadzik commented Feb 24, 2013

It now dies properly when it cannot fetch stuff.

@tadzik tadzik closed this Feb 24, 2013
@niner niner added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 22, 2016
@niner niner Squashed 'ext/File__Find/' changes from 7a683ab..d3e2be7
d3e2be7 Merge pull request #16 from vendethiel/patch-1
d85150d Document `exclude`
b1a7dca Merge pull request #15 from niner/master
6ee5ca0 Update to post-GLR semantics
cfc6865 Merge pull request #13 from szabgab/travis
323e1ea add travis configuration file
b73e655 Merge pull request #12 from moritz/fix-push-append
b71e40e Unbreak File::Find by s/push/append/

git-subtree-dir: ext/File__Find
git-subtree-split: d3e2be709aeb2479dc02b154fdc179fe7a077d83
@jonathanstowe jonathanstowe added a commit to jonathanstowe/panda that referenced this issue Apr 25, 2016
@jonathanstowe jonathanstowe Squashed 'ext/JSON__Fast/' changes from 6d96209..db17c33
db17c33 Fix for undefined value (#12)

git-subtree-dir: ext/JSON__Fast
git-subtree-split: db17c339cb9588341dbaaeec66aa37534690e382
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