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Not that I expect this is a common issue, but I know I had a project (ww6) which used a custom Makefile to install files other than 'blib' and 'bin'. As far as I can tell, the new implementation doesn't support custom Makefiles for any target other than the default 'make'.

Honestly, I think this is less an problem with Makefile's but the lack of an agreed upon location for resource files (non-lib, non-bin) for packages. I was keeping mine in ~/.perl6/share/nameofpackage/ in Linux (I haven't used Perl 6 on Windows yet, so no idea where stuff is kept there.)


You're right, Panda::Builder can make, Panda::Tester can make test, but Panda::Installer can't make install. This looks like a LHF, so you can get some karma writing it, otherwise I'll write it in a few days time. Thanks for reporting!


Should be fine in e898eb4. Can you confirm?


It fixes the issue. The blib/bin files are copied twice, once by the makefile and once by Panda itself, but that's not a big problem, as I think more and more projects will move away from custom Makefiles (and rightly so) and once a standardized location is determined for 'resource files' and support for it is added to the installers, what few projects still using custom makefiles will shrink considerably.


The double copying seems weird, as the install method should return after finding and using the makefile. What project is that?


Never mind, it was me being stupid. Blame it on a lack of good sleep lately.
Issue is closed! :-)

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