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Search #10

merged 2 commits into from Aug 29, 2011

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This adds the ability to search name/description with regex. Example:

panda search ':i web'    # search for "web" case-insensitively

The output contains the module name, it's version and description.

leto commented Aug 27, 2011

Any possibility of getting a basic test for this?

tadzik commented Aug 29, 2011

Looks nice, merging.
Re testing this kind of stuff, I'm planning a major rework of the frontend of Panda, after it starts to work on nom. I'll probably make the executable testable too then.

@tadzik tadzik merged commit f0748e6 into tadzik:master Aug 29, 2011
@flussence flussence added a commit that referenced this pull request Sep 5, 2015
@flussence flussence Squashed 'ext/File__Find/' changes from 119e620270cb..7a683abb9879
7a683abb9879 Merge pull request #11 from flussence/master
ae88ab4fb768 Kebab-case dies_ok to fix deprecation
8c39dec86874 Merge pull request #10 from paultcochrane/pr/expand-readme-synopsis
c3e30d319099 Add examples of the name, type and keep-going options to SYNOPSIS
15277eea7f75 Add comments explaining SYNOPSIS examples
8907c618610e Fix minor typos in
034d8e24c715 Fill in
522363b2ac2b Specify what exactly exclude should be and how it's handled

git-subtree-dir: ext/File__Find
git-subtree-split: 7a683abb9879738d671eb5a09923096a429eeda7
@niner niner added a commit that referenced this pull request Feb 22, 2016
@niner niner Squashed 'ext/JSON__Fast/' changes from 8ad8c77..6d96209
6d96209 Merge pull request #11 from moritz/meta
acb56ba Remove the leading "v" in the version
c76eb61 remove leading v in perl version definition in meta info
b177612 Merge pull request #10 from zoffixznet/docs
fb90aaf Document exported subs

git-subtree-dir: ext/JSON__Fast
git-subtree-split: 6d9620956d1606441ad32bb23193d997772c615a
@tadzik tadzik added a commit that referenced this pull request Apr 1, 2016
@tadzik Squashed 'ext/Shell__Command/' changes from 1a7eafc..2aeb2c3
2aeb2c3 Merge pull request #10 from azawawi/master
8160e17 Fix testing for windows
823c88c Remove old README
afc6ffa - Use File::Which for a true cross platform which. This will fix windows-bas - use lib 'lib' in tests - Add a proper - Add AppVeyor build support - Ignore precompiled files

git-subtree-dir: ext/Shell__Command
git-subtree-split: 2aeb2c38bb2be79d1f5a8269e11ddb4a50bc858c
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