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#include "hash.h"
/* Opaque */
struct vertex;
/* Forward declaration */
struct stack;
/* Graph data structure.
* vidx - hash table used to query index of a given vertex
struct graph {
struct vertex *vertices;
struct hash_table *vidx;
int nr;
int sz;
struct graph *graph_new(unsigned long (*hash_fn) (void *),
int (*cmp_fn) (const void *, const void *));
void graph_free(struct graph *g);
/* Adds a new vertex into the graph */
void graph_add_vertex(struct graph *g, void *data);
/* Adds a new edge to the graph, from->to
* Will add vertices "from" and "to" if they are not in the graph
void graph_add_edge(struct graph *graph, void *from, void *to);
/* Returns the data of vertex indexed at pos if it exists, NULL otherwise */
void *graph_get_vertex_data(struct graph *graph, int pos);
/* Does a topological sort of the graph, with cycle detection.
* returns -1 if cycles are detected, 0 otherwise.
* @param graph graph to perform toposort on
* @param topost stack of int to store topological order
int graph_toposort(struct graph *graph, struct stack *topost);
/* Enables debugging output for dependency resolution
* Currently, shows what causes cyclic deps
void graph_enable_debug_resolve(void);
void graph_disable_debug_resolve(void);
/* Stack */
struct stack {
void *st;
int nr;
int sz;
size_t elemSz;
struct stack *stack_new(size_t elemSz);
void stack_free(struct stack *st);
int stack_empty(struct stack *st);
void stack_reset(struct stack *st);
void stack_push(struct stack *st, void *data);
void stack_pop(struct stack *st, void *data);
void stack_peek(struct stack *st, void *data);