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Perl 6 installation manager
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Allow build-panda to accept a version number
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Put this in ~/.rakudobrew, and add symlinks/aliases for convenience.

It's quick and dirty, may be broken on your system. Please report any breakages.

Installing rakudobrew

$ git clone ~/.rakudobrew
$ export PATH=~/.rakudobrew/bin:$PATH

Bootstrapping a Perl 6 implementation

Run something like:

$ rakudobrew build moar

to build the latest Rakudo (in this case, on the MoarVM backend), which should then be available as perl6. Then, to get the Panda module management tool, do:

$ rakudobrew build-panda

Upgrading your Perl 6 implementation

$ rakudobrew build moar

Upgrading rakudobrew itself

$ rakudobrew self-upgrade

Uninstall rakudobrew and its Perl 6(s)

To remove rakudobrew and any Perl 6 implementations it's installed on your system, just remove or rename the ~/.rakudobrew directory.

Specifying custom git path

In case git is not in any standard PATH on your system, you can specify a custom path to the git binary using a GIT_BINARY environment variable:

$ GIT_BINARY="%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\GitHub\PORTAB~1\bin\git.exe" rakudobrew build all

Command-line switches

Run rakudobrew

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