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Chrome extension to tweak the weasyl browsing experience
Features added:

  • hovering over thumbnails for 1 second will show a preview of the submission's description and tags.
  • Large submissions will not have a vertical space larger than the window's height, and a button has been added to allow you to expand and un-expand it.

Released under MIT License

Changelog: V1.11

  • Migrate firefox addon to WebExtensions
    • even though I still need to have two separate versions because of various inconsistencies
  • Remove jQuery dependencies from firefox version
  • add provisions for new canonical submission URL format


  • Update for CSRF tokens


  • Fixed for new Weasyl thumbnails


  • Added "Search Builder" to search boxes for making advanced search queries from form fields
  • Added "OLDER" and "NEWER" links beneath submission images for easier gallery navigation
  • Fixed a bug where Character images would not be re-sized

V1.6 fixes issues with user icons and html special characters (e.g < > &) not displaying properly, and an issue with spacing on the right side of the screen when no image preview is used.

V1.5 adds configurable options (accessable via chrome://extensions ) and the ability to preview small versions of the submissions image.

V1.4 doesn't exist

V1.3 contains a small compatibility fix that was causing the image expand feature to not work in older versions of chrome


  • First firefox version
  • Added a message to specify journals not being previewable (previously just said "cant show characters" for all)


  • Added z-index property to previews so they dont go under stuff


  • Initial release