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Taedl is a fast and lightweight report prototyping tool.

It is designed and developed with speed and simplicity being top priorities. It is not bloated, it is not a multi-tool and it does not require scripting.

Taedl is good at providing you with first insights into your relational database. It figures out the optimal way to join your tables, generates queries based on your drag-and-drop actions, and then displays results in meanungful form.

Find out more.

Supported Databases

We are working to increase the number of supported vendors. Below is a currently supported list:

  1. Postgresql (primarily tested with 10.4)
  2. MySQL (tested with 8.0.13)
  3. MS SQL Server (currently with some limitations - MS SQL Server Linux 2017)


Hosted Taedl is free, and you don't need to register to use it.

On premises

You can also run Taedl locally:

  1. Clone or download the project.
  2. Install npm Angular CLI.
  3. Install Java 8 and maven.
  4. Navigate to taedl/taedl-api directory and execute mvn clean install.
  5. Navigate to a target directory and start the server by executing ./taedl-api-0.1-RC1.jar.
  6. Navigate to taedl/taedl directory and execute npm install.
  7. Once ready, execute ng serve to start the front end application.

Feature Requests & Bug Reports

You can help by suggesting features, reporting bugs, or just providing your feedback using GitHub Issues.


  1. Fork the project.
  2. Create a branch for your new feature.
  3. Write tests and code that makes the tests pass.
  4. Submit a pull request.



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