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SSL Root CA Certificates

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SSL Root CA Certificates

For an overall discussion of SSL, see:

Google Internet Authority, see:

Trusted Roots, see: What roots should we trust for connecting to Google?

GAM internally uses the PEM file mentioned in the previous link; it is also included in the GAM distribution as cacerts.pem.

If your site uses a firewall that does SSL inspection/decryption, you will need a vendor specific certificate. Here is a sample vendor's description of the process:

If this is your situation, copy cacerts.pem from the folder containing gam.exe/ to the folder containing gam.cfg.

If your vendor's certificate is in DER format, you will have to convert it to PEM format.

  • openssl x509 -inform DER -in firewallcert.crt -out firewallcert.pem -outform PEM

Append firewallcert.pem to cacerts.pem and then update gam.cfg by setting cacerts_pem = cacerts.pem.

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