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Rails plugin that provides deep integration with Beanstalk.

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This is Async Observer -- a Rails plugin that provides deep integration with

For more information, see

For more information on Beanstalk, see its home page at

Worker Options:
-d                                : daemonize
--pid [path to pidfile]           : drop a pid file to a path
-e [test,production,development]  : set the rails environment

Example Usage:

start 3 workers
  ./vendor/plugins/async_observer/bin/worker -d --pid log/ -e production
  ./vendor/plugins/async_observer/bin/worker -d --pid log/ -e production
  ./vendor/plugins/async_observer/bin/worker -d --pid log/ -e production

kill one
  kill -s INT `cat log/`

Remember kill a worker will cause it to go into a shutdown phase.
Run the above again to kill immediately, but remember all jobs in
the workers queue is lost at that point...
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