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Support forum for this project is at

building on ubuntu

the following .debs are required - libcurl3, libcurl3-gnutls, libcurl4-openssl-dev

Sending multiple requests

  d1 = ""
  c1 ="") do |curl|
    curl.headers["User-Agent"] = "myapp-0.0"
    curl.on_body {|d| d1 << d; d.length }

  d2 = ""
  c2 ="") do |curl|
    curl.headers["User-Agent"] = "myapp-0.0"
    curl.on_body {|d| d2 << d; d.length }

  m =

  m.add( c1 )
  m.add( c2 )


Installing Curb in Windows 7

Make sure [DevKit]( is installed before you do the following task. 
1. Download curl-7.23.1-devel-mingw32 from 
2. Extract to e.g. C:\
3. Add C:\curl-7.23.1-devel-mingw32\bin to path
4. gem install curb -- --with-curl-lib=C:\curl-7.23.1-devel-mingw32\bin--with-curl-include=C:\curl-7.23.1-devel-mingw32\include
That's it.
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