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Have you ever been attacked by a goose? Documentation Apache-2.0 licensed CI

A Powerful Load Testing Framework

Goose is a highly efficient load testing tool crafted in Rust, designed to simulate users interacting with web applications. Whether you're testing a simple website or an intricate application, Goose provides a flexible and scalable solution to ensure your system can handle real-world traffic patterns.

Why Choose Goose?

  • Performance: Built with Rust, Goose is designed for speed and scalability, allowing you to simulate a large number of users with minimal resource overhead.

  • Flexibility: Goose supports both simple and complex load tests, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. With its extensive set of options, you can tailor your tests to closely mimic real-world user behavior.

  • Real-world Testing: Goose goes beyond just sending requests; it can simulate user behaviors like logging in, filling out forms, and navigating through your application, providing a more realistic load test scenario.

  • Community and Support: Developed by Tag1 Consulting, Goose has a growing community and a series of blog posts and podcasts detailing its features, comparisons with other tools, and real-life testing scenarios.

Getting Started

It is essential to understand that Goose is not a pre-compiled application but a library. This means you can't simply run Goose to load test a website. Instead, you'll need to write your own Rust application using the Goose library, then compile it to create a tailored load testing tool specific to your needs. Dive into The Goose Book for a comprehensive guide or check the developer documentation for detailed API information.