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Visual Studio Code port for FreeBSD
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Visual Studio Code port for FreeBSD

VSCode has become a part of the ports tree

Visual Studio Code is now officially available in the FreeBSD ports tree. For more information, please see the following URL:

This git repository will continue to serve as a pre-official development repository.

This repository contains an experimental port of Visual Studio Code for FreeBSD. The port is largely based on:


A package file is available at the releases page. To install, download the file (with .txz extension) and run the command:

pkg install vscode-<version>.txz




If you would like to build artifacts for yourself, be sure you have the ports tree on your machine. If not, run the following commands:

portsnap fetch
portsnap extract

Clone this repository with git command and build/install vs code:

git clone
cd FreeBSD-VSCode/editors/vscode
make install clean


  • Built on FreeBSD 11 and 12 amd64.


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