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[English] [한국어]


Highlight is a rich-featured syntax highlighter for Keynote slides that allows you to get syntax-highlighted code in RTF with one click. Its main feature is based on highlight.js, which means 185 langauges and 89 styles are available. Check out the demo to see what you get with the application.


From highlight.js:

  • 191 languages and 238 styles
  • Automatic language detection
  • Multi-language code highlighting

Original features:

  • Line numbers
  • Custom font
  • Global hotkey - you don't even need to click.
  • Automatic updates
  • Supports multi-language UI
    • English
    • Korean
    • Turkish - Thanks to @tosbaha
    • Chinese Simplified - Thanks to @xnth97

Want to add support for your language? Send me translations! :)


  • Download the latest version here.
  • Unarchive it and then run the application.
  • You may be asked to move it into Applications folder. I strongly recommend accepting it.


  • When you execute the application, you will see a highlighter icon on the menubar as shown in the screenshot.
  • Copy any code you want to colorize.
  • Click on the icon to open the popup menu. Select Highlight Code and then pick your programming language or just choose the auto-detect one. Now the code is syntax-highligted.
  • Paste the code wherever you want (e.g. Keynote).

Do you like to customize the results? Just open the Preferences dialog. You will see how.

How to build

Once you install CocoaPods on your system, run the following command in the project root directory. You may need to setup NodeJS.

$ pod install
$ npm install

Open the workspace by double-clicking Highlight.xcworkspace then build it. It should just work.


Highlight supports multi-language UI, currently only for few languages including English and Korean. If you're interested in translating the application, start by copying the Korean translation folder into your respective language folder (e.g. pr.lproj for Portuguese, ru.lproj for Russian, etc).

You need to translate all files in the folder. Because the MoveApplication.strings comes from LetsMove project, you can copy the same file from the project if exists.