GD graphic library bindings for Node.js
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This repository is no longer maintained. You may want to see y-a-v-a's node-gd, a still active forked project.

GD bindings for Node.js

GD graphic library bindings for Node.js supporting asynchronous I/O written in C/C++.

Tested with Node v0.4.6 & v0.6.6 (by Dudochkin Victor


Using npm

npm install gd

From sources

1) go to the directory with GD (this library :) )

2) execute node-waf configure build

3) Put it in node_modules.

Using GD


var fs   = require('fs');
var path = require('path');
var gd   = require('gd');
var source = './test.png';
var target = './test.thumb.png';

if (path.exists(target)) fs.unlink(target);

function(png, path) {
    if(png) {
        var w = Math.floor(png.width/2), h = Math.floor(png.height/2);
        var target_png = gd.createTrueColor(w, h);

        target_png.savePng(target, 1, gd.noop);

That's all folks!