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Officially maintenance stops.

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-#GD bindings for Node.js
+## This repository is no longer maintained. You may want to see [y-a-v-a's node-gd](, a still active forked project.
+# GD bindings for Node.js
*GD graphic library bindings for Node.js supporting asynchronous I/O written in C/C++*.
Tested with Node v0.4.6 & v0.6.6 (by Dudochkin Victor <>)

2 comments on commit bc65b5c

y-a-v-a commented on bc65b5c Mar 3, 2016

Thanks for the notice, and thanks for starting up this project, it made me learn a bit of C++!

taggon commented on bc65b5c Mar 6, 2016

@y-a-v-a Thank you too for keeping my project alive. :) This project means a lot to me as it was my first Node extension.

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