pre-baked OSM Taginfo configs ( Work in progress )
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Dockerizing Taginfo Build Status

Work in progress ..

Generating full config files

  • Download planet.osm.pbf and move to -> /import_admin/planet.osm.pbf
  • make naturalearth : Download naturalEarth raster files
  • make init
    • import OSM admin areas to PostGIS
    • Download Geofabrik polygons and import to PostGIS
  • make genservices for generating all services!



Test service: used only for minimal travis testing

geofabrik continent short continent code first port
central-america zz 30000

System requirements:

service name conventions

  • taginfo-$continent-$iso
    • short continent code: - is a 2 letter abbreviation

Known problems:


  • I don't see my country area:
    • check your area keys: ( admin_level=1,2,3,4,5,6 and boundary=administrative )
    • or the admin border relation was broken when this config generated , sorry
  • Smaller Geofabrik area exist for my country
    • sometimes the osm admin borders is changing, and very hard to keep in sync with geofabrik extracts
    • this version is expect 100% inside the country polygon, if not -> fallback the continent ( {{continent_long}} )

Taginfo customisations:

  • taginfo customized for smaller extracts - showing data problems on the long tails
  • ....


  • Config files derived from OpenStreetMap data ( ODBL )
  • Program code, taginfo customisations : GPL3
  • Hugo-material-docs theme: MIT License


Be careful!

  • This is an experimental software, test on a new VPS
  • Check the size of 'geofabrik source' , sometimes it is huge > 1 Gb ! ( like continents )
  • This code expecting minimal docker and linux knowledge.


see .travis.yml file!


  • make test
    • make build - build 2 docker images * for processing the osm data: taginfo_job * for viewing the taginfo result: taginfo_view
    • make testdatainit - install minimal planet.osm.pbf and naturalEarth raster data from ./testdata directory
    • make init -
      • filter OSM PLANET file for admin data
      • Import OSM admin polygons
      • Download all Geofabrik Polygons (kml)
        • for calculating minimal osm extract
      • Import Geofabrik polygons to Postgis
    • make ca-zz-genservices
      • Generate ./service/zz test config files
    • make ca-zz-test
      • Run ./service/zz : processing central-america ; and start and stop zz services
    • make peakcheck
      • Check Taginfo processing Peak memory from the logs.