Brings together information about OpenStreetMap tags and makes it searchable and browsable
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Brings together information about OpenStreetMap tags and makes it searchable and browsable.

Documentation: See the Taginfo page at the OpenStreetMap wiki.

Live System:


  • /sources - import scripts
  • /web - web user interface and API
  • /examples - some misc example stuff
  • /tagstats - C++ programs to create database statistics etc.


It uses:

  • Ruby (must be at least 1.9.1)
  • Mongrel or Apache2 mod_passenger
  • Sinatra web framework
  • Rack Contrib Gem (for Rack::JSONP)
  • JSON gem (install with gem, Debian/Ubuntu packages are too old and buggy)
  • curl binary
  • sqlite3 binary and ruby libs
  • Optional: Parallel bzip (pzbip2)

Install the Debian/Ubuntu packages:

$ sudo apt-get install curl sqlite3 ruby-sqlite3
$ sudo apt-get install ruby-passenger libapache2-mod-passenger

Install the Gems:

$ sudo gem install rack rack-contrib sinatra sinatra-r18n json

Data Import

See Taginfo/Installation at OpenStreetMap's wiki.

Web User Interface

You need a /data directory (in the parent directory of the directory where this is). It must contain the sqlite database files created in the data import step or downloaded from page

To start the web user interface:

$ cd web
$ ./taginfo.rb


Taginfo uses the following Javascript libraries:

All the Javascript and CSS needed is already included.


To the many people helping with bug reports, code and translations.


There is a mailing list for developers and people running their own instances of taginfo: taginfo-dev


Jochen Topf ( -