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Encode video in batch mode using HandBrake

HB CLI Updated, some bug fixes

New: Updated HandBrakeCLI to version 0.10 to match the latest HandBrake
Fixed: Improved parsing of UserPresets; you should get less corruption warnings on good files;
Fixed: Fixed HandBrake native AppleTV presets; this should fix files that did not play in iTunes
latest commit 24c84c647d
Cesare Tagliaferri authored



This is a simple wrapper to HandBrakeCLI, which allow you to quickly convert a group of files, using any HandBrake preset. For convenience, HandBrakeCLI is included in the distribution.

More information available on OSOMac, where the complete application is available for download (if you don't want to compile it yourself). Please also look at HandBrakeBatch's wiki page here on github.


If you want to contribute:

  1. Fork the repository;
  2. Do your modifications;
  3. Sync with the latest changes;
  4. Post a pull request here on github.

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This code is available under GPL.

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