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Improve language management #23

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User feedback:

"When the original file is well edited you can find using either MKV Tools or Invisor the correct information in language and subtitle fields. For instance two language tracks: English and Japanese and one subtitle track: English. Then you can create a batch perfectly with the correct filter.

If all the MKV are like these no problems when creating the batch and it\'s posible to make a huge bacth file. The problem is when the MKV files are not well edited and you find in a MKV file: Language --> Undetermined and Subtitles--> Undetermined or different combinations of values. This makes the user creating different bacth profles for covering the different combinations.

So it would be great to have the possibility of creating conditions in Preference Language Pane. For instance, if you have a lot of MKV flies with Language: Japanese, English and Undetermined values and the same for subtitles to have the possibility of creating a profle of conversion like this:

  • Language: Japanese OR Undetermined
  • Subtitles: Engiish OR Undetermined.

In this way, you are able to create a only huge bacth covering different combinations (Language and Subtiles) with the subsequent saved time for the user."

@taglia taglia closed this issue from a commit
@taglia Fixes #23
When the preferred audio or subtitle language is not found, but "Undetermined" is found, it is automatically selected
@taglia taglia closed this in eb72d3b
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