Planned Features

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Likely to come

  • Add support for AppleScript (useful to watch a folder and automatically convert new files)
  • Add support for external subtitle file (srt)
  • Queue management during conversion
    • Reorder items
    • Remove items
    • Add items
    • Change settings (preset, languages, subtitles) for the remaining titles
  • Ability to customize the language of audio and subtitles for each individual item in the main window. In terms of GUI, I would replace the language lists in the main table with combo boxes, including the available languages, and the generic "all" and "none" (for subtitles) options
  • Add option to burn in subtitles (most likely when the new interface will be ready)

Need further analysis

  • Allow to save multiple queues
  • Automatically eject the CD tray after conversion
  • Auto file renaming based on file date (prefixing or suffixing the file name with a time-stamp)
  • Join converted files
  • Add progress bar to the dock icon
  • Make it possible to directly edit the output location in the main window (without going through the file dialog)
  • Add a checkbox to skip "image" subtitles and add only if in text format (details here:
  • Convert all titles in DVD formats (currently only the first title is converted)


  • Pause: allow the user to pause the conversion and restart it later (v1.10)
  • Add support for subtitles (add a checkbox to move all available subtitles to the destination file) (v2.0)
  • Store the application window's position & size (v2.4)
  • Allow re-ordering of the items to be converted, and perform the conversion in the same order (v2.4)
  • Make Progress window remember its position (v2.4)
  • Queue management before conversion starts (v2.8)
  • Delete source file after encoding (v2.9)
  • Store the converted file in the same location as the source (v2.9)
  • Automatically import in iTunes: set the output folder to "Automatically Add to iTunes" in your iTunes music folder (v2.9)
  • Write logfile to the target folder (v2.9)
  • Scan files for languages in background (or add an option to avoid the scan entirely) (v2.11)
  • Accept the drop of a folder and process all the files in the enclosed subfolders (v2.11)
  • Shutdown / sleep the computer once the batch is completed (v2.17)
  • Auto save and load the conversion queue (v2.17)


  • Add an option to reduce CPU usage during conversion: not feasible without some very dirty hacks