Release Notes

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v2.22 (2013/06/02)

  • New: Support for RAM files
  • Fixed: Added some sanity checks to the UserPresets file

v2.21 (2013/05/25)

  • Fixed: empty language lists in the Preferences

v2.20 (2013/05/24)

  • New: HandBrake CLI updated to v0.9.9
  • New: If selected language is missing, "Undetermined" is automatically chosen when present
  • Fixed: manicure.rb issues with old presets
  • Fixed: UTF-8 characters in preset names

v2.19 (2013/02/16)

  • Fixed: Crash on start on OS X Lion (10.7)

v2.18 (2013/02/12)

  • Removed: support for 32-bit systems (should not be an issue since Apple only supports 64-bit systems with OS X 10.7 onwards)
  • New: support for ISO files
  • Fixed: display bug on the conversion window
  • Code cleanup (credit to Vincent Esche for this)

v2.17 (2012/10/27)

  • New: After conversion, automatically quit the application, put the Mac to sleep, or shut it down
  • New: Auto save and load the conversion queue
  • New: Burn subtitles - Only works with DVD VobSub subtitles (from DVD, MP4 and MKV sources) and ASS/SSA subtitles (from MKV sources)
  • Fixed: Check on duplicates (not possible to add the same file twice)

v2.16 (2012/08/12)

  • New: Code-signed with valid Apple Developer Certificate
  • New: Moved from Garbage Collection to Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) for memory management
  • Fixed: Issue 20

v2.15 (2012/07/25)

v2.14 (2012/07/02)

  • Improved: When converting a DVD, instead of the generic name "VIDEO_TS", the name of the enclosing folder is used

v2.13 (2012/06/30)

  • Fixed: Crash while dropped files are processed
  • Fixed: Some files are not converted on the first trial
  • Fixed: Progress bars should now behave correctly in all cases

v2.12 (2012/06/25)

  • Fix: Possible crash during the analysis of files dropped in the main window
  • Improved: Look & Feel while dropping files in the main window

v2.11 (2012/06/24)

  • New: It is now possible to drag a folder in the application (all video files in the folder tree are added)
  • New: HandBrakeBatch is officially OSOMac Donations
  • Improved: Added visual feedback during drag & drop (focus ring)
  • Improved: The processing of the files dropped on the application is done in a separate thread (the application remains responsive)
  • Fixed: No alert is shown if HandBrake's preset file is not present
  • Fixed: Problem with the file counter when canceling a conversion and starting another one

v2.10 (2012/05/17)

  • Fixed: Bug affecting the conversion of MTS files

v2.9 (2012/04/28)

  • New: Option to create conversion log files (always written if the conversion fails)
  • New: Indication of number of files converted and total
  • New: Option to put converted files in the same location as the source
  • New: Conversion is done in a temporary folder and then moved (iTunes will process it correctly if the destination is the Automatically Add to iTunes folder)
  • New: Possible to delete source once the conversion is completed (the source is deleted only if the conversion is successful)
  • Improved: Detection of successful / failed conversion

v2.8 (2012/04/21)

  • Fixed: video was not converted if no languages were available and "All languages" were set in the preferences

v2.7 (2012/03/31)

  • Replaced HandBrake script manicure.rb with the latest version, fixing a bug which causes the setting of "Optimize for HTTP streaming" to not be honored

v2.6 (2012/03/18)

  • Removed overall ETA (which was not accurate anyway)
  • Now using ETA provided by HandBrakeCLI instead of estimating it
  • Fixed a bug with the progress bar when converting more than 9 files

v2.5 (2012/03/17)

  • Preference window size fixed
  • If a scan thread hangs, it is killed after the timeout

v2.4 (2012/03/17)

  • Replaced HandBrakeCLI with v0.9.6
  • Update manicure.rb script with v0.9.6
  • Added a preference to disable language scan completely
  • Added a timeout to avoid freezing while scanning for languages
  • Position and size of the application windows are restored on restart
  • Files are converted as they are displayed (from first to last)
  • Possible to reorder files in the list by dragging & dropping them
  • Other minor improvements

Note: HandBrake team has not released a 32 bit version of the new CLI, if you are running on a 32 bit machine HBB will still use v0.9.5 (untested).

v2.3 (2012/02/17)

  • Quick fix to restore the support for MTS and eyetv files (and all other file types where the audio language or subtitles are not correctly detected by HandBrake CLI)

v2.2 (2012/01/30)

  • Added support for dragging MOD files to the dock icon

v2.1 (2012/01/23)

  • Fixed: double notifications
  • New: Option to disable notifications

v2.0 (2012/01/21)

  • New icon
  • Added support for multiple audio languages (check the Preferences)
  • Added support for multiple subtitle languages (check the Preferences)
  • Available audio languages and subtitles shown for each file in the main window
  • Added full-screen support (Lion only)
  • Updated growl framework (to v1.3.1), with support for "mist"
  • Bug fixes

v1.11 (2012/01/14)

  • Fixed: with too many presets, only the first ones were made available in the drop down list

v1.10 (2012/01/01)

  • Added a check on the existence of the output folder
  • Now possible to create a new folder when selecting the output
  • Added a pause / resume button

v1.9 (2011/11/07)

  • Fixed: if the output folder does not exist when the conversion is started, the app won't fail silently but present an error

v1.8 (2011/08/21)

  • Partial support for EyeTV files added (let me know if you find cases where this does not work)

v1.7 (2011/08/11)

  • Implemented a workaround to avoid an empty preset list; even if HandBrake preset file is corrupted, the program should fallback to the default presets
  • The preset list is now alphabetically sorted
  • It is now possible to change the frequency of the sparkle updates, and to enable or disable the automatic updates (in the Preferences)

v1.6 (2011/08/01)

  • Fixed a bug which prevented the selection of the output folder on OS X 10.6
  • The selection of "Cancel" in the file dialog to select the output folder is now honored

v1.5 (2011/07/31)

  • Preference window added
  • It is now possible to select the extension of an MPEG-4 file (mp4 or m4v)
  • It is now possible to maintain the creation and modification dates of the original video file

v1.4 (2011/06/05)

  • Fixed: HandBrakeBatch takes 100% of CPU after completing a conversion (many thanks to Bill for letting me know)

v1.3 (2011/06/04)

  • Added the indication of the elapsed time and an estimation of the remaining time (for the current file and for the entire batch, based on the file size)
  • HandBrakeBatch will now refuse to start the conversion if some of the input files are going to be overwritten (thanks to @timohetzel for letting me know
  • HandBrakeBatch will require a confirmation before overwriting any file

v1.2 (2011/05/28)

  • Growl notifications
  • It is now possible to drag & drop files directly on the application icon (in the Finder or the Dock)

v1.1 (2011/05/08)

  • Added support for HandBrake custom presets
  • The application will not start encoding if the output folder is not set
  • Automatic update fixed