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TagLib Audio Meta-Data Library
C++ CMake C
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bindings Compile without warnings with MSVC
cmake Fix for using Taglib as a CMake sub directory project.
doc Move docs building to CMake
examples Reduce useless detach operations by making some non-const iterators c…
taglib Prefix #ifndef with TAGLIB_ in tpropertymap.h
tests Merge pull request #577 from TsudaKageyu/frameoffset
.astylerc Add astylerc
.editorconfig Use EditorConfig to help us stick to our coding style.
.gitignore Ignoring files generated when creating an Xcode project via cmake.
.travis.yml Build also examples
AUTHORS Added myself to AUTHORS
CMakeLists.txt Quote path names including user-provided variables
COPYING.LGPL Different LGPL version than was referenced in headers
COPYING.MPL Got permission from all (non-trivial) contributors to dual license un…
ConfigureChecks.cmake Merge remote-tracking branch 'TsudaKageyu/64bit-atom'
Doxyfile.cmake Support building documentation out-of-source-dir
NEWS Added TagLib::MP4::PropertyMap::codec() added uninstall target
config.h.cmake Replaced codecvt with Win32 API.
taglib-config.cmake Automatically generate the version number in taglib-config
taglib-config.cmd.cmake These files should not be marked as executable
taglib.pc.cmake Don't hardcode version number
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