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TagLib Audio Meta-Data Library
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bindings Remove an unreachable statement.
cmake/modules Run-time check for floating point byte order rather than CMake check.
doc Move docs building to CMake
examples Merge branch 'cmake-allow-BUILD_SHARED_LIBS-to-drive-ENABLE_STATIC' of
taglib Properly mark functions as virtual
tests Fix a wrong test for base64 decoding.
.astylerc Add astylerc
.editorconfig Use EditorConfig to help us stick to our coding style.
.gitignore Ignoring files generated when creating an Xcode project via cmake.
.travis.yml Add BUILD_BINDINGS option, moved if(BUILD_EXAMPLES) to taglib/CMakeLi…
AUTHORS Added myself to AUTHORS
CMakeLists.txt Update the version to v1.11.
COPYING.LGPL Different LGPL version than was referenced in headers
COPYING.MPL Got permission from all (non-trivial) contributors to dual license un…
ConfigureChecks.cmake Backport some comments from tablib2 branch.
Doxyfile.cmake Support building documentation out-of-source-dir
INSTALL cmake: use BUILD_SHARED_LIBS instead of ENABLE_STATIC to drive the sh…
NEWS Fix another typo in NEWS. added uninstall target
config.h.cmake Backport some comments from tablib2 branch.
taglib-config.cmake Skip the patch version if it's 0
taglib-config.cmd.cmake Missed the full version string in taglib-config.cmd.cmake
taglib.pc.cmake Fix .pc file configuration.
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