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Language runtimes installer for production environments.


  • Perl
  • Ruby
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Go

How to install

Install perl (ex: 5.18.2) (and cpanm/carton/start_server)

xbuild/perl-install 5.18.2 ~/local/perl-5.18

Install ruby (ex: 2.1.1) (and bundler)

xbuild/ruby-install 2.1.1 ~/local/ruby-2.1

Install node.js (ex: v0.10.26)

xbuild/node-install v0.10.26 ~/local/node-v0.10

Install PHP (ex: 5.5.10)

xbuild/php-install 5.5.10 ~/local/php-5.5.10
# with some build options
xbuild/php-install 5.5.10 ~/local/php-5.5.10 -- --with-pear --without-openssl

Install Python (ex: 2.7.6)

xbuild/python-install 2.7.6 ~/local/python-2.7.6

Install Go (ex: 1.3.3)

xbuild/go-install 1.3.3 ~/local/go-1.3.3

To update minor version, overwrite simply.

xbuild/node-install v0.10.25 ~/local/node-v0.10
xbuild/node-install v0.10.26 ~/local/node-v0.10

local/node-v0.10/bin/node -v #=> v0.10.26
# same for other languages as node.

Or, you can use install command simply.

# xbuild/install LANG VERSION PATH [OPTIONS]
xbuild/install ruby 2.1.1 ~/local/ruby-2.1

Replayable installation

xbuild checks specified install path before actual installation, and skips it if specified version runtime already exists.

For force re-install, use -f option.

xbuild/ruby-install -f 2.1.1 ~/local/ruby-2.1

How to use

Include installed bin/ to PATH:

# perl
export PATH=$HOME/local/perl-5.18/bin:$PATH
cpanm -Lextlib -n --installdeps .
# or carton install (or ...)

# ruby
export PATH=$HOME/local/ruby-2.1/bin:$PATH
bundle install --path vendor

# node
export PATH=$HOME/local/node-v0.10/bin:$PATH
npm install

# php
export PATH=$HOME/local/php-5.5.10/bin:$PATH
pear install

# python
export PATH=$HOME/local/python-2.7.6/bin:$PATH
pip install -r requirements.txt

# go
export GOROOT=$HOME/local/go-1.3.3
export PATH=$GOROOT/bin:$PATH
go version

How to try with Docker

You should be install Docker.

$ docker build -t xbuild-try .
$ docker run --rm -i -t xbuild-try /bin/bash
in docker > $ xbuild-install ruby 2.1.1 /usr/local/ruby-2.1.1



  • Copyright (c) 2013- TAGOMORI Satoshi (tagomoris)
    • and contributors
  • License
    • Apache License, Version 2.0 (see LICENSE)