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# Settings for TagTime.
# This file must be in your home directory, called .tagtimerc
# NB: restart the daemon ( if you change this file.
$usr = "__USER__"; # CHANGEME to your username
$path = "__PATH__"; # CHANGEME to your path to tagtime
if($path !~ /\/$/) { $path.="/"; }
$logf = "$path$usr.log"; # log file for pings
# If you're using windows, you'll need cygwin and to set this flag to 1:
$cygwin = __CYGWIN__; # CHANGEME to 1 if you're using windows/cygwin.
$ED = "__ED__ +"; # CHANGEME if you don't like vi (eg: /usr/bin/pico)
$XT = "__XT__"; # CHANGEME to your path to xterm
# Get your personal Beeminder auth token (after signing in) from
$beemauth = "abc123"; # CHANGEME to your personal beeminder auth token
# if you point this at a beeminder goal with data that was not generated from
# this tagtime log, it will DELETE ALL OF YOUR DATA
# CHANGEME by adding entries for each beeminder graph you want to auto-update:
%beeminder = (
#"alice/work" => "job", # all "job" pings get added to
#"bob/play" => ["fun","whee"], # pings w/ "fun" and/or "whee" sent to bob/play
# ADVANCED USAGE: regular expressions
# pings tagged like "eat1", "eat2", "eat3" get added to carol/food:
#"carol/food" => qr/\beat\d+\b/,
# ADVANCED USAGE: plug-in functions
# pings tagged anything except "afk" get added to "dan/nafk":
#"dan/nafk" => sub { return shift() !~ /\bafk\b/; }
# pings tagged "workout" get added to dave/tueworkouts, but only on tuesdays:
#"dave/tueworkouts" => sub { my @now = localtime();
# return shift() =~/\bworkout\b/ && $now[6] == 2;
# Pings from more than this many seconds ago get autologged with tags "afk" and
# "RETRO". (Pings can be overdue either because the computer was off or tagtime
# was waiting for you to answer a previous ping. If the computer was off, the
# tag "off" is also added.)
$retrothresh = 60;
$gap = 45*60; # Average number of seconds between pings (eg, 60*60 = 1 hour).
$seed = 666; # For pings not in sync with others, change this (NB: > 0).
$linelen = 79; # Try to keep log lines at most this long.
$catchup = 0; # Whether it beeps for old pings, ie, should it beep a bunch
# of times in a row when the computer wakes from sleep.
$enforcenums = 0; # Whether it forces you to include a number in your
# ping response (include tag non or nonXX where XX is day
# of month to override). This is for task editor integration.
# System command that will play a sound for pings.
# Often "play" or "playsound" on Linux, or "afplay" on Mac osx.
# $playsound = "afplay ${path}sound/blip-twang.wav";
# $playsound = "echo -e '\a'"; # this is the default if $playsound not defined.
# $playsound = ""; # makes tagtime stay quiet.
1; # When requiring a library in perl it has to return 1.