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Anything not parsable as a task gets put here in this middle section.
First, install TagTime:
Copy this file to USERNAME.tsk where USERNAME is your tagtime username.
Then run (it looks best with black background, eg:
xterm -fg SkyBlue -bg black -cr red).
Enter tasks with time estimates preceded by tildes.
To have a task tracked, start it with a number or a bullet, which gets
auto-replaced with a number.
Tags may be added to a task by prefixing with a colon; these will be
added to your tagtime log when you answer a ping with the task number.
Bullets can be like any of the following but must be flush-left:
- This is a bulleted item using a dash for the bullet.
o This is a bulleted item using a lower-case 'o' as the bullet.
* This is a bulleted item using an asterisk as the bullet.
# A number sign isn't really a bullet but makes sense as a thing
to be replaced by a number, so it is also accepted.
oo Double bullets are fine too if you want to keep things aligned.
Special keys (as defined in tasks.vim (copy it from tasks.vim.template)):
<enter> - Start the current task (if the task has no timestamp, add one)
or if already started, toggle it as done / not done (ie, check
it with an X and move it to the bottom to mark it done or
remove the X and move it back to active tasks at the top).
<space> - Same (but not in vim insert mode of course; <enter> works in
either mode).
<F5> - Re-sort active tasks.
<+> - Add a new task at the top of active tasks (ie, "ggO" in vim).
<-> - Add a new task at the bottom of active tasks.
NOTE: Task numbers can be reused but no two *active* tasks can ever have
the same number. Using auto-numbering (preceding tasks with bullets
instead of numbers) will ensure that, except if you uncheck a
completed task. Of course if you haven't answered any pings for a
task yet then you can just change the number for that task.
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